Uncover hidden domain gems

Every domain has a value, but much like real estate, there are many qualifiers that can make a seemingly simple domain skyrocket in price. Our domain appraisal tool is your resource for removing the challenge of determining domain value.
Our in-house developed tool uses a variety of domain evaluation criteria that will make gauging domain prices quick, accurate and easy - allowing you to feel confident when selling or managing domains in your portfolio.

Your digital investments

Every business or brand requires a domain to represent themselves online and, when it comes to domains, no two are the same. Your digital property can hold much more value than you think, and our domain appraisal tool provides the monetary value of your domains through qualifiers such as:
  • Domain memorability
  • Domain length
  • Keyword popularity
  • Top-level domain value
  • Historical aftermarket sales data
  • Domain search trends
  • Character combinations
  • On-going feedback optimization

How to use our domain appraisal tool


Enter your domain name

Enter any domain you want to get appraised.

Start the appraisal

Click the appraisal button and let our tool do the research.

Get your estimate

Our tools will generate an evaluation based on its findings.

Provide feedback

Our tool learns from your response, let us know how it did.

After your domain appraisal

Sell your domain

Utilize your new and shiny appraisal to land a sale. Either list the domain for auction to let the price grow or sell it on our user market.

Build your website

Having a valuable domain is a great opportunity to build or expand a business. Domains with higher value can net you increased visibility online and help your website get discovered.

Time to renew

If you've got a great domain, make sure you don't lose it. Keep your investment under lock and key by ensuring that it's not going to expire and setting up account protection.

Park your domain

Not quite sure what to do with your domain? Set it to park and revisit your strategy at a later date.

Ready to find the value of your domain?

Domain Support

Have a question about searching for or registering domain names? Contact our team, we're here to help.
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