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Use our tool to help brainstorm the perfect domain name for your website

Domain Suggestion - How it works

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1. Search

Enter a keyword into the search bar to generate domain suggestions. Any words shown in blue mean that the domain name suggestion is available.
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2. Review

Check the prefix and suffix options to build your domain name and get ideas. Once you select a prefix or suffix, it becomes a new keyword and additional customizations can be selected.
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3. TLDs

Select your preferred domain extension for your new domain.
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4. Register

Add your domain name suggestion to your cart and register.


How does the domain name suggestions tool work?

Enter a domain name or keyword in the search box above and click the search button. The results will let you know if the domain you entered is available for the selected domain extension (.com by default). New prefix and suffix options will appear, along with alternative primary keyword options. If you see a prefix or suffix of interest, click on it and your domain name will automatically be updated. Any domain extensions, prefixes, or suffixes that are in blue indicate that the current domain with that specific prefix, suffix or TLD is available for registration. Repeat the process of selecting new prefixes/suffixes until you find your domain and it is available. Click the "Add to cart" button to complete the domain name suggestions process.

What should I consider when looking for domain name suggestions?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a domain. Depending on your online objectives, certain criteria will be more important than others. Try to keep the following in mind while searching for a domain or while using our domain name suggestions tool:
  • Domain length: Typically, the shorter the domain the more memorable it is. The goal is to make it easy for your audience to remember and find your domain. If you are finding your domain is too long, consider using acronyms to replace certain words.
  • Brandable vs descriptive domain: Choosing between these two is complicated and often pertains to your business, brand and/or website objectives. Visit our brandable or descriptive domains article for many insights on the topic.
  • Memorability: Does your domain have potential to stay in your viewer's mind after they see the domain in advertisements or other mediums? This could be the difference between a conversion and a lost customer.
  • Availability: Unfortunately, your ideal domain may no longer be available for registration. This is an opportunity to get creative! Some options include attempting to contact the domain owner using WHOIS lookup data or modifying your domain name of choice by extending, shortening, or even adding an industry-related keyword onto your domain name. A great way to start is to use our domain name suggestions tool on this page.
  • Top-Level Domains (TLD): With over 500 TLDs available on Dynadot, it is best to visit our TLD listing page and review the "Usage" column and the TLD name to see if it is a fit for your business. Do note that some domain extensions have restrictions (such as some country-code TLDs), pay attention to the "Restrictions" column.

If I purchase my domain and decide I no longer want or require it, can I receive a refund?

We support grace deletions, which allow you to "return" your domain that was recently purchased. The 'grace deletion period' varies depending on the TLD. Visit out our grace deletion page for more information.

Do you have a tool to help create a business name or brand?

Yes, you can visit our business name generator page that will provide you with the tool to help you brainstorm new, creative business names.
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