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We've always been proud to offer the most competitive and consistently lowest prices in the industry. We strategically automate our platform to keep costs low while honoring our commitment to never compete with our customers. Beyond our cheap domain prices, we also offer other services - including super-responsive customer professionals - to give you the best experience possible.

Quickly register cheap domains

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Streamlined Checkout

Purchase in just a few clicks, with a variety of payment options.
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Constant Sales

Pushing our low registration, renewal, and transfer prices even lower.
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TLD Options

500+ domain extensions to give you exactly what you're looking for.
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Transparent Pricing

We're committed to keeping our prices low to help support your business and investing goals. Here's how we do it.

No Hard Upselling

We believe in a great (and affordable) customer experience, not constant upselling. You'll get exactly what you're looking for without any surprise add-ons.

Easy Registrations

When you're ready to acquire your new cheap domain names, we don't want to get in your way. Our checkout process is focused, simple, user-friendly, quick, and secure.

Flat Rates

We keep our domain registrations at a flat rate, and don't tag on any sudden increases or make confusing changes to our pricing structure. Our cheap domain prices are always easy to understand.

Everyone benefits from low prices

Cheap domain prices - combined with our easy-to-use platform - helps new and existing domain registrants save both time and money. From individuals to large businesses, we have the tools to make the most of your investment.
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Individual Users

Cheap domain name prices make it easy and accessible to set up a website for events, personal projects, hobby groups and more. Create an online presence and maintain it easily and inexpensively.
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Businesses Small and Large

Investing in domains and web tools to support your online presence is critical, but it doesn't have to be expensive. Our domain management tools will help you stay organized while managing multiple domains and allow for bulk adjustments for efficiency. Spend wisely by exploring our industry-beating prices and wide variety of domain names.
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Domain Investors

Our bulk and super bulk discounts and competitive prices make sure you can maximize your spending, allowing you to strategically grow your portfolio. Be sure to check out our domain aftermarket for opportunities for other great investment opportunities.

How to register your cheap domains

1. Search for your desired domain name
2. Check availability and alternative domain extensions
3. Add to your cart
4. Finalize your purchase with our quick checkout
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Cheap Domain FAQs

Is there a page where I can see all the prices for domains?

Visit our sales page to see all our ongoing domain sales. If you have a Dynadot account, we send out monthly newsletters highlighting specific sales. Visit our "How do I subscribe to your newsletter?" help page for more information.

Do domain renewals or transfers have sales?

We do have sales for transfer and/or renewal for certain TLDs. These are promoted through our sales page, located below the 'Registration' section. We help you save not just on registrations, but also on domain upkeep.

Is there any other way to get even lower prices on domains?

If you spend enough money annually, you will be pushed up to bulk or super bulk pricing levels, which provide a site-wide discount on all domain registrations, transfer and renewals. It's a great way to save even more on our already cheap domain names.

What determines a domain's price? Why are some top-level domains (TLDs) more expensive than others?

Domain registrars (Dynadot, for example) reserve domain names through registries (the wholesalers of the domain industry). These registries set the original price for a TLD, and registrars typically add a markup to cover expenses. This markup will vary heavily from registrar to registrar. At Dynadot, we are always pushing to keep our sales as low as possible so our customers can rely on us for affordable domain registrations. Since TLD prices are determined by the registry, they have control over how expensive a specific TLD may be. This is why you may see some domain extensions cost over $100 for a registration while others are under $5. The wholesalers are determining the base cost for the domain extension.

Are the prices that we see when searching for domains the final price? Are there any hidden fees?

So long as the correct currency is selectedwhen the search was made, the listed price when the domain is found is the final sales price. There are no additional fees when proceeding through the checkout. We do provide the option to upgrade to a higher tier of our website builder but the free version is selected by default, so this will not increase the price of your purchase at checkout.

Do you price-match if I get better pricing from a competitor?

No, we do not price match. If our price for a particular TLD is not competitive with another registrar, we encourage you to let our customer service team know and we will review accordingly. When we do get promotion opportunities from registries, we do try to push the prices to be low for our customers. Our aim in doing this is to keep our cheap domains and services inexpensive, competitive, and affordable.
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